onsdag 10 oktober 2012

Pictures from "Onsdags-VM"

Good Evening, Autumn means Cyclocross season for many cyclists. 

In Falun we probably have Sweden’s best cyclocross training(??!) every Wednesday called “Onsdags-VM” where anyone is welcome, they (around 20 people) race a couple of heats, all out. Simple and great fun.

Since I have had a cold (would love to train, but a rest day extra is often good) I took my camera and cycled up to “Lugnet” and took a few pictures, just for fun and to get some fresh air!

Here're the pictures, 20 persons racing in the middle of the week, how cool isn’t that?

Snabb, Snabbare Martin
Full Gas!

Adam Steen, okänd och Erik Kämpar på!

Herr David, i motljus! 

Öijer frös inte och körde barbent! 
Här skulle man svänga ja!

Lite oskarp oså men va tusan killen fyller 17 år idag, GRATTIS HENKE!


 I’ve had another good day in school. I really don’t like not being able to train. Hopefully I’ll be doing some easy training tomorrow.

Bye Bye August

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