torsdag 1 november 2012

Autumn break

Good evening. This week is school free since we have our so called autumn break. I’m home in norrköping, very nice I must say!

Yesterday I saw Victor, we went through town and they had changed a quite a few things here and there. We also went to Espresso House for some “Fika”.  Very nice!

Ellinor came here around three o’clock. We picked up Tindra and she walked all the way home.Today we had a bit of a sleep in, egg for breakfast before we took the tram in to town today again. Had some lunch, then she took the train back home to Mjölby. Then morfar and I went to play an hour tennis. Great fun even do I didn’t stand a chance.  

Tonight I really should do some studying but I’m not too motivated at the moment…

Take care /August 

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