onsdag 23 januari 2013

Easy day.


I’m really tired and struggling to stay awake. The last week I’ve slept very much, perhaps to late so instead of just going to bead earlier and earlier I figured I’ll stay up for another 20 minutes. Haha.

What about today then? We got to play with different measurements today, what they all were called I can’t remember but they were very cool at least.

After lunch we had an English lesson in grammar, good to practice, that’s for sure. Then we continued with some more grammar but in Swedish before I went home four o’clock, freezing cold (minus 21 this morning) but still light at four so that’s very nice.

In the evening I did a loooong gym session with Albin, Johan and Emil.

As the Swedish championship in cycling (track racing) is coming up so are a whole lot of other sports having there championships this week in Falun called: “SM-Veckan” today it started off with cross country skiing. Unfortunately I didn’t get to see it since I was in school but when I was skiing in the beginning of the week I did a lap on their race course. Hopefully I’ll get to see some other sport during this week.

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