onsdag 19 september 2012

Augusts blog goes English

All right, I've been thinking of writing my blog in English for a while now and I thought maybe once a week would be a good start so my Nana and Grandpa, all my cousins and perhaps some one more will be able to read it a bit easier. I'm sure all my Swedish readers won't mind either?! Hopefully it will improve my English as a bonus, so from now one I'll try to write an English post every Wednesday, how does that sound?!

Okay let's talk about today, Wednesday is the busiest day in school for me, I start 8.30 and stay until 16.00. But I don’t mind you get a lot of things done, today we started off with an excellent Design lesion, I must say I like that subject a lot now. I got an English assignment back and an A, the highest grade so I’m very pleased about that!

Now I’ve just eaten and will soon go out for a training session, it's been raining alot recently so I'm sure it will be muddy, more about that later!

Feel free to comment and correct any mistakes in my writing!

Cheers August

2 kommentarer:

  1. Skönt med någon som behärskar engelskan i sin blogg:) Klart du ska skriva så släkten kan läsa!

  2. Tackar, det var kul att höra!