onsdag 24 oktober 2012


Had a dayof school today. I made up this perfect plan to go for a long run on our bikes.A great plan yesterday.

Thismorning I slept until 10.40 that was twelve hours, ate a bacon & eggbreakfast, did some schoolwork.
Two o’clockwe (David, Hannes, Pontus & Hanna) jumped on are bikes and had a great timeeven do it’s freezing cold at the moment. After we’ve cycled almost three hourswe entered the “onsdags-vm”.

Around this here I started to get really tired.I haven’t been out on my bike since the third October. That’s quite a while.After two of three heats I really was done, did the last one but my speed waspretty even and slow.

Got home atthe same time as it got dark and jumped in the shower, then Hannes and I cookedsome pasta for our dinner.

Now I’vespent an hour in bed, got my clothes in the washing machine.

Greatfeeling and a long time since I was this tired.

Pontus & Hannes!

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