onsdag 17 oktober 2012

“The way I see it, if we are going to turn the page, then why don’t we write a whole new book?

"The article of the day" must be This one about Taylor Phinney, well worth a read.

The last couple of weeks have been crazy with USADA and almost every famous cyclist during the past years. Especially Lance Armstrong. During the past years I say and so does the mentality in cycling 2012. Lets hope we can get over all this and all the bad reputations about this wonderful sport!

Here are a few quotes from the article:   

“I feel like if you train with proper nutrition and proper hydration and if you race with proper nutrition and proper hydration, why do you need that stuff for anyway?”

“The sport is so hard, I think a lot of people are in that mentality where they think they need something to dull that pain. But really all you need to do is to be professional and work hard, and then you arrive to races in the right place and don’t even need any sort of crutch.”

“I love to see @StevoCummings win,” he wrote on his Twitter account. “He, like me, follows his own personal policy of no caffeine pills and no painkillers. Purest of the pure!”

Read more: http://www.velonation.com/News/ID/13076/Taylor-Phinney-Interview-Getting-the-pill-culture-out-of-the-sport.aspx#ixzz29YIdb7W2
This is what I want a idol to be like. Racing and winning because you're working hard!

Thats me for tonight sleep tight!

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