onsdag 3 oktober 2012

Hi everyone.

I’ve justeaten my dinner (Chicken and rice very tasty) and now I’m going to have an easyevening before I go to bed! I’m completely wrecked after yesterdays running. ;)
Today we finishedwith our project in school and tomorrow we have a Math test. Got home around3.30 and took a short powernap before Hannes, Emil and I went out in the woodsto do some mountain biking! We had great fun in all mud (it’s really wet at themoment, we just got back before it got to dark! Emil is so fast so unfortunately I didn’t get a picture of him today, but a few okay anyway: 

My roommate Hannes.
Beautiful Colours!

That’s allfor me for now I think, hope you had a great day! 

2 kommentarer:

  1. Once again, flawless english! Nice job! But, you might want to press down the space bar once in a while;)

  2. Thanks a lot! I'll keep that in mind (Y)